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Except The Lord Keep the City

The name Halifax is said to be a corruption of the old English words for Holy and Face, part of the local legend that the head of John the Baptist was buried here after his execution. The legend is almost certainly mediaeval rather than ancient, though the town's coat of arms still carries an image of the Saint. Halifax Minster, parts of which go back to the 12th century, has always been dedicated to St John the Baptist. (The church's first organist, in 1765, was William Herschel, who later discovered the planet Uranus.)

Halifax Piece Hall

Halifax Piece Hall was opened on 1st January 1779. It was built as a place for handloom weavers to sell their pieces of cloth, hence the name, and was a replacement for an earlier, smaller, Cloth Hall. More about the pre-Piece Hall period and the earlier Cloth Hall Although we… Read more

Hope Hall

Hope Hall

By Geoffrey Washington Hope Hall is a distinguished Eighteenth Century Halifax House which is situated in Clare Road close to the Halifax swimming baths. The Hall was built for David Stansfeld during the year's 1762-1765 and was one of the several imposing mansions erected in or near the town centre… Read more