Halifax in Bloom

Halifax in Bloom
Going for Gold in 2009

Halifax has been taking place in Yorkshire in Bloom since the year 2000 and has had some wonderful success,winning a Silver Gilt award in 2008 and 2007 and in 2006 winning a Silver award in Britian in Bloom. This year is our chance to 'bloom' as we go for the Gold Award. The benefits to the town of being involved with the Yorkshire in Bloom entry are unlimited.

  • An increase in civic pride through local people taking on the planning and management of their local environment
  • Long-term improvement in their local environment through planting, floral displays and high levels of cleanliness
  • A boost to the local economy through increased tourism
  • Regeneration of disadvantaged areas
  • Stimulation of voluntary work and co-operation between community groups
"The baskets that Halifax in Bloom provide have been a welcome boost to the appearance of the outside of my shop and the NorthBridge area. They are very good value for money and I feel that if all shops around North Bridge and indeed the whole of Halifax were to have them then it would make the town a lot more presentable. The actual baskets themselves have always been of a top standard and I hope they will remain so and that more shops are made aware of the scheme."
Michael Bartle Falcon Pine
"Harveys have supported Halifax in Bloom since its inception. We feel that Halifax really benefits from this event and always looks so colourful and pretty, really showcasing some of the wonderful buildings in the Town Centre. We have always taken advantage of the ready planted hanging baskets which we don't even have to water as the Council do this for us! I think the more businessesthat get behind the event, the better - after all the more attractive the town, the more visitors!"
Tracy Harvey Harveys of Halifax
Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be ordered from Halifax Town Centre Management on behalf of Halifax in Bloom. With a delightful selection of plants they brighten up any business frontage.

Baskets are great value at just £36 each (plus VAT)

Tower Planters

There are 12 tower planters in total creatively planted with three different layers of dazzling summer bedding plants. On each tower planter sponsored an attractive plaque displaying your company name and logo will be fitted
Sponsorship Opportunity: £150 per annum
Barrier Planters (spring and summer)
There are a total of 50 barrier planters across the above locations each one overflowing with delightful flowers and plants, why not choose one close to your building? Your chosen planters(s) will display a smart plaque with your company name and logo.
Sponsorship Opportunity: £80 per annum
There are lots of ways that you can get involved in Halifax In Bloom from volunteering with planting and clean up days to putting up your own hanging baskets and helping to keep your local areas free from litter.
For further information please contact Halifax In Bloom at HalifaxTown Centre Management on 01422 360035